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Rooms live forecast: weekly routine overview

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Each week, the Rooms live forecast should be reviewed to ensure that the Live forecast for the coming weeks is realistic. This process consists of 3 simple steps:



Review the Live forecast at period level compared to the Forecast, Budget, PMI Prediction and Prior year. Look at the past week and ahead at the next 3 weeks. Evaluate if the Live forecast is as expected, or if adjustments are needed.

Review at daily level using the sense check function:

View the main graph which shows the Live forecast at a daily level. The sense check highlights days that have unusual Live forecast values, compared to historical trends.

Click on a day with a highlight to view the day’s data and sense check comments. Review if any changes need to be made.

  • If no changes are needed, you can opt to hide the alert, and it will be hidden for the remainder of the day. It will reappear the next day if it is still relevant.
  • Select ‘Remove the alert for all users’ if you do not want to show the alert again.
  • If you want to adjust a value, or keep the alert active, simply close the pop-up window.


Make changes by adjusting the pickup values. Here you can add or subtract from the on the books value to get your Live forecast total for the day.

If your Live forecast uses auto-PMI, deactivate the automation for the day by selecting the robot icon. This allows you to manually override the automated values for this day.


Remember to press Save/Update when you have finished making changes.