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Mastering PMI Copilot for Enhanced Productivity

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PMI Copilot – Preview

d2o is currently developing a groundbreaking AI bot called PMI Copilot. This new GPT-4, multimodal LLM (large language model) is designed to enhance user experience and efficiency. Currently, PMI Copilot is in the beta testing phase with select properties. While the release date is targeted for Q2 2024, it might be postponed to Q3 2024 to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The following document is a guide for those with PMI Copilot enabled.

Guide to master the PMI Copilot

In the fast-paced world of hospitality management, efficiency and productivity are not just goals—they are necessities. Enter PMI Copilot, your intelligent digital assistant, designed to streamline operations and provide deep insights into your department’s performance. Let’s explore the capabilities of PMI Copilot and how you can leverage this powerful tool to stay ahead in the hospitality game.

Embracing the Power of AI in Hospitality Management

PMI Copilot is not just another digital tool; it’s a sophisticated AI-powered companion that’s ready to transform how you manage your department. Whether you’re the head of housekeeping, food and beverage, or front office, Copilot brings the power of OpenAI’s latest advancements right to your fingertips.

Intuitive User Interface: Your Command Center

The PMI Copilot interface is designed with user intuition in mind. It features a multi-tabbed navigation system that allows you to maintain continuity between different tasks seamlessly. Within this digital ecosystem, every component is an avenue for enhancing your operational workflow:

  • PMI View Analysis – At the heart of PMI Copilot is the “Analyse my view” feature. A single click provides a thorough review of your current screen, be it budget forecasts or staffing levels, offering insights and recommendations that are immediately actionable.
  • Dynamic Query Library – No need to be a data analyst to make sense of complex information. Our Query Library populates queries relevant to your current view, enabling you to understand trends, evaluate costs, and optimize efficiency with a simple “Run this query” command.
  • Robust Knowledge Base – With access to an extensive knowledge base, you can search for articles, video tutorials, and resources specific to your needs. The search functionality is powered by a semantically indexed database, ensuring that the information you receive is relevant and timely.
  • Interactive Learning – Beyond just text, PMI Copilot offers interactive elements like video tutorials that cater to different learning preferences, helping you and your team understand and utilize the PMI software suite to its full potential.
  • Insightful Summaries – AI-generated summaries provide snapshots of your department’s performance, highlighting key areas such as guest night consistency, labor planning alignment, and arrival/departure trends, ensuring that you’re equipped with knowledge at a glance.
  • Responsive Chat Interface – For any queries that arise, the responsive chat interface of PMI Copilot stands by, ready to offer assistance, run analyses, or guide you through the knowledge base.

Leveraging AI for Decision Making

With PMI Copilot, data is not just numbers on a screen—it’s the key to unlocking your department’s potential. AI-driven analytics take the guesswork out of decision-making, providing you with confidence as you plan staffing, budgeting, and service delivery.

Continuous Learning and Support

As you navigate through PMI Copilot, you’ll find that learning is an ongoing process. The tool is designed to evolve with your needs, offering support tickets and direct assistance when you need it. And when an issue goes beyond AI’s reach, a human support agent is just a ticket away.

Example Questions & Answers for PMI Copilot

Question: How do I analyze the current screen using PMI Copilot?

Answer: To analyze your current screen, simply click on the “Analyze my cockpit” button. The PMI Copilot will review the content of the screen and provide you with insights and suggestions based on the data displayed. If you’re in a different view, the bot can still assist by analyzing the screen based on the current context.

Question: Can PMI Copilot help me find specific information in the knowledge base?

Answer: Absolutely! If you need to find specific information, use the search feature in the knowledge base tab. Just type your query, and PMI Copilot will use its semantically indexed database to find the most relevant articles for you. Each completion will also include citations or links to related articles for further reading.

Question: What should I do if PMI Copilot cannot resolve my issue?

Answer: If PMI Copilot isn’t able to resolve your issue directly, you can initiate a support conversation by creating a ticket within the bot interface. The bot will attempt a resolution first; if it remains unresolved, the ticket will be escalated to a human support agent who will contact you to assist further.

Question: How can PMI Copilot assist in understanding different views or screens within the software?

Answer: PMI Copilot dynamically adjusts its responses based on the view you are currently in. If you need help understanding any part of the interface, just ask Copilot for help or to analyze the screen. You can also upload a screenshot for analysis, or use the built-in tool to take a screenshot directly.

Question: Is PMI Copilot capable of handling complex queries or issues?

Answer: Yes, PMI Copilot is built on the latest AI technology, which enables it to handle complex queries efficiently. It can analyze the context from your current screen, search through a semantically indexed knowledge base, and provide accurate, relevant responses. For particularly complex issues, it might refer you to a human agent to ensure you get the best possible support.

Multilingual AI to Serve a Global Industry

In the hospitality industry, where every interaction counts and diverse cultures converge, communication barriers can hinder operations. PMI Copilot stands out with its multilingual capabilities, understanding and interacting in an impressive array of languages.

From the Nordic nuances of Scandinavia to the linguistic intricacies of China and Vietnam, PMI Copilot navigates through languages with the same ease as it does through data. This feature ensures that no matter where your staff or customers come from—be it France, Germany, the US, India, or beyond—they will find an AI companion ready to understand and assist in their native tongue, fostering a truly inclusive and global working environment.

Encountering and Overcoming Misunderstandings

The sophistication of PMI Copilot’s language understanding is matched by its robust support system. In the rare instance where the AI might not grasp the context or the content of a question, it’s not a dead end. Users are encouraged to rephrase their query or provide additional details. The AI uses these cues to better understand the intent and deliver the needed information.

If misunderstandings persist, PMI Copilot is designed to guide users to alternative support options, such as escalating to a human support agent who can address the issue with a personal touch. This layered approach to problem-solving ensures that no query goes unanswered and that support is always within reach.


PMI Copilot represents a new chapter in the way hospitality departments interact with technology. Its seamless integration into daily operations bridges the gap between data and actionable insights. With PMI Copilot, the focus is on empowering you—the user—to unlock productivity and streamline departmental workflows with ease and clarity. As you engage with this tool, you’ll discover a supportive digital environment that adapts to your unique needs, enhancing not just your work, but also the guest experience your team strives to perfect. Embrace the simplicity, enjoy the efficiency, and let PMI Copilot guide you towards smarter, data-driven decision-making.